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arganMoroccan Argan Plant stem cells are derived from the Argan (Argania spinosa) tree that grows to 8 to 10 meters high and lives for 150 to 200 years. The Argan tree belongs to the oldest tree species in the world (sapotaceae) that is about 80 million years old, a time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Argan tree grows exclusively in the southwestern part of Morocco in a small area covering only 8,000 km². Argan trees are able to resist extreme droughts and very high temperatures that exceed >50°C (>122 °F ). Their roots can grow up to 30 meters long. During prolonged droughts, the trees dry out and remain in a state of dormancy for several years. When the humidity level rises, the tree suddenly returns to life.

Argan trees have become a rare and endangered species. Because the tree is so very rare, Argan sprouts are harvested and grown in liquid culture to provide sustainable technology since only a small part of the plant is needed. Our Argan products are then vectorized into liposomes to permit effective skin penetration into the dermal papilla, where the dermal stem cell pool is localized at the base of the hair follicle. These Argan stem cells have been shown to increase dermal stem cell turnover (which is responsible for collagen and elastin production) and thereby improve dermal rejuvenation of the skin, vitalize dermal stem cells, accelerate skin’s natural repair process, combat chronological aging, and fight skin wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.

Malus Domestica Swiss Apple stem cells have been thoroughly investigated through rigorous scientific studies for their benefit in improving the survival and replication of epidermal progenitor cells that comprise the outer skin layer. In addition Swiss Apple stem cells have been clinically shown to improve wrinkle contours, protect against oxidative stress, prolong dermal fibroblast survival, and improve DNA repair of the skin. Scientists have found that this novel extract derived from the stem cells of a rare apple tree in Switzerland, cultivated for its extraordinary longevity, shows tremendous ability to rejuvenate the aging skin.

Although stem cells form the core ingredients of ova products, the unique mixture of multiple antioxidative ingredients have been perfectly balanced for an optimal formula to repair the damage of the aging process and to improve skin health and vitality. Green tea, rosemary, and pomegranate extracts are combined as powerful antioxidants to fight free-radical damage. Chamomille and calendula extracts are used for their excellent soothing properties. Grape seed extract is applied for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Retinyl palmitate and tocopheryl acetate are used as vitamins for their anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Hyaluronic acid is a special protein that supports skin structure and binds moisture in the skin. For a more detailed list of the key performance ingredients of each product, please consult the section of this Web site that describes a particular ova product.