Female Doctor Holding a Conical Flask - IsolatedAll products have been rigorously tested in a scientific laboratory for their safety and efficiency. No animals were used in any way for testing. Plant-derived stem cells, which are the core component of our key performance ingredients, have withstood a battery of scientific tests against controls, for their clinical efficiency and safety.


2% Malus Domestica (MD) stem cell extract (Swiss Apple Stem Cell) used in the ova cleanser and the PM formulation was actively investigated in the laboratory. MD stem cell culture extract of 0.01% was studied against control in a 3D skin model and found to have significant benefit in the growth of late-passage (old) keratinocyte progenitor cells as compared with controls.

A study with 2% Malus Domestica cream was tested on 20 females aged 37 to 64 years for a period of 28 days and showed a significant reduction of wrinkles in the crow’s feet area through photographic and topographic mapping analysis with double the improvement in percentage of wrinkle depth shown from days 14 to 28.

2% Malus Domestica stem cell extract showed a delay in the senescence of dermal fibroblasts, protection against oxidative stress and repair of DNA through extracted mRNA analysis transcribed into 33P-labelled cDNA via reverse transcription.

Argan stem cell culture extract 0.1% was used and compared against control evaluating dermal papillae isolates for stem-cell expression using the Sox2 marker via immunofluorescence. The Argan stem cell culture extract showed increase in dermal papilla sphere number (primary, secondary, and tertiary counts) and the expression of the stem cell marker Sox2 as compared with control to reflect the increase of Argan stem cells on dermal progenitor cells.