1. Having sensitive skin, I am careful with products I use on my face. I have used the OVA cleanser, AM, and PM products for several months and am extremely satisfied with the results. I noticed a difference within a week and have had friends and family ask me if I'm using something different on my face. OVA is an amazing product and so easy to use. I highly recommend this product.

  2. OVA is great for sensitive skin. Great moisture without a tacky feeling. Using it for one month and love the results already! I have been a La Mer "addict" for years, and believe the results I am seeing are even beyond what I have achieved using LaMer. I just had to find you to tell you myself! I am fortunate to purchase it through the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY. Thank you for your vision! How about an eye cream?

  3. The OVA skincare system is fabulous. It is the first product I have ever used on my skin that has not caused white heads. These four items are all that is needed to keep my skin soft, yet firm and glowing.

  4. LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! All I can say it, try them. You will not believe how silky your skin feels almost immediately with less wrinkles and smaller pores within a week! I have tried almost everything and given up because I am impatient... this simple yet effective line is definitely for those who crave "instant gratification"! Looking forward to long lasting, anti-aging benefits!

  5. Being the COO of Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists for 15 years, I have had the opportunity of trialing many different product lines. I can honestly say I have never used a product such as these. My skin feels softer, skin color is brighter, lines (especially around my eyes)are softening and my skin is and looks more hydrated. What surprises me is that you get these results with using 3 products. Our staff and patients just love the product.It is truly amazing. Thank you Dr. Lam!

  6. OVA-tions to Dr. Lam for developing a line of skin care products that are easy to use, yet so effective. My skin feels and looks so much better than before. Thank you.

  7. I'm an 83 year old... I have sensitive skin that has been a problem to keep moist. I've tried so many products. The closest was a major brand. Since using the OVA, I have nice moist skin and the wrinkles are softening as well. I am really pleased to find this product and will never need to search again for anything else.

  8. I've been seeing Dr. Lam for years and have always trusted his work. When the Ova line was introduced, I tried it immediately even though I'd been using another skin care regimen. After six months of using the Ova line, I've quit using other products. I've also quit wearing makeup for the most part. My skin looks really healthy and hydrated!

  9. I have been using the three products for about four months and I have seen significant improvements around the corner of the eyes and face and neck . I like the feel and smoothness of the creams. It is a easy way to maintain your face. The bottles are very easy to take on a trip.

  10. I have tried many different skin care products to get rid my skin problems, now I'm using OVA and it works really good to me! my face become smoother and pore tightens too! Im happy with the results, thats OVA amazing!

  11. I have spent a fortune on skin care products and Dr. Lam's ova has provided the best results in a very short period of time. The age spots have lightened considerably and the pores have reduced in size. My skin looks youthful and healthy. I also use it on the top of my hands and my neck area and have seen tremendous results.

  12. I "borrowed" these products from my roommate when I ran out of mine own products... what a HUGE difference! I have under-the-skin cystic acne that has to actually be lanced at the dermatologist, and these products have literally prevented my expensive visits to the doctor! Only drawback is that I had to admit to my roommate that I had "borrowed" her products so that I could ask her where to get them and to tell her how fabulous they are! THANKS A MILLION, DR. LAM!!!

  13. OVA help turn back the clock on my appearance. I tried dozen of products some are very expensive and not so easy to use. It only made a bit of a difference. Four months ago my mother in-law introduced OVA to me and I tried it. OVA smooth away my fine lines, and it even out my skin tone from sun damaged within 6 weeks. Now my skin look smoother and brighter. Finally I found a skin care that really work. IT WORKED GREAT!

  14. I wanted to let you know that my beauty therapist was absolutely amazed at how good my skin looks and feels! I haven't had a facial for a few months and just had one today and am so happy about the results of using OVA products. Great job! I order a couple of sets for my best friends.

  15. OVA is the best skin care line I have ever used. I noticed an immdiate difference in my skin the very next day. I have a radiance to my face. I get compliments on my complextion all the time. It is a simple plan!

  16. I've been using these products for three days now and never want to use anything else. My skin has already showed visible signs of improvement. It is smoother, softer, and calmer. Can't wait to see how it looks after a few weeks. Thanks, Dr. Lam!

  17. I live in the Chesapeake Bay area where the wind and salt air really dry out your skin. Lotions seem to only stay on the surface drying out quickly. The Ova regime really keeps my skin looking fresh and clear and it only takes a few minutes. Love the light fruity scent it is really refreshing on a hot summer day. Thanks for a great product that does what it says!

  18. I have sensitive skin and having been a former model, could only use certain products or else my face would breakout. OVA has been incredible on my skin, keeping it smooth without any blemishes.

  19. I am on my sixth month with Ova and I still love it! I became interested in using Ova after I saw how bright and clear my cousin's face became after only two weeks of using the products. I love the beautiful, clean simplicity of Ova; not just in it's packaging and presentation, but also that there are only 3 bottles sitting on my counter that take care of almost everything I need for my face. The concept is perfect for busy people who are short on time and want to simplify their lives. The products themselves are just as beautiful and clean as their packaging. The fresh natural fragrances of AM, PM and CLEAN actually, make me look forward to washing my face. Dr. Lam and his team have designed three great products with highly effective ingredients. I would love to see one more product from them...a great sunblock. Will it be called SUN or BLOCK

  20. Thank you again for the wonderful OVA skincare products….they have done wonders for my skin! It has gone from being dehydrated and leathery feeling to mositurized and smoothe. I have been using the products for 5 weeks now and have received several compliments on my skin so I know that others are recognizing the changes also. I noticed changes though, as quickly as 3 days after initially starting the easy 2 step application process in the morning and evening. Thank you again and I will keep you updated

  21. I started using OVA products about 2-3 months ago. I have never used any facial products before this. My work keeps me out in the weather about 1/2 of the time. Without telling my friends and family I am using anything, they have commented about how the wrinkles around my eyes have softened and how my skin looks really good. I'm over 50 and never gave any thought about taking care of my skin... Now I am sold on its use.